KITCHEN EVENT corporate concept in Poland
New Year's team building

True or False

At this party, players will need to show many of their qualities, as well as show how well they know their colleagues and the company.
Background activities and the program will be devoted to the game of "True or False" and its interpretation.

Event program

Guests will be divided into teams in which the stages of the game will take place. The team with the most points will receive a prize.
Stage 1: Teams must take turns answering questions about the company and facts about colleagues.

Stage 2: questions on a general topic: true or false?

Stage 3: musical. Repetition is the mother of learning.
A team representative needs to sing a song and answer the question: true or not. If he gives a wrong answer, he starts singing the song again. The player who is knocked down the fewest times wins.

Stage 4. Everything hidden becomes clear.
We will check you on a polygraph. 2 participants per team will go to the test, other teams prepare questions for them. Team members who lie the fewest times win.

Background activities

Guests are greeted by a hostess and offered to choose a glass: one of them contains non-alcoholic champagne, and the other one contains real.
During the gathering of guests, the following zones are open:

  • Guess how much: guests need to rely only on their own taste to determine the cost of wine. They will be offered wine for PLN 9, PLN 19 and PLN 69.

  • Mash machine - anyone can create a real melody.

  • Cocktail bar with thematic names of cocktails - cocktails can be both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. 

  • Original or fake: guests need to find out which of the items offered is original and which is a copy. By guessing correctly, they will bring an extra point to their team.