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Virtual events

Find out what are virtual events made of and what are they look like!
Why virtual (on-line)?
  • Virtual events are a new form of corporate events and team building events, where participants can be located anywhere in the city and even on different sides of the globe. The main thing is to have a stable internet connection.

    Online team building events are still gaining popularity, so your team will definitely like their novelty!
Stages of a virtual event
Choosing a concept

Choosing a studio, presenter

Program approval
Event day
Debriefing and feedback

Virtual events

See case studies of virtual events from our portfolio

    Stages of a virtual event

    Find out how online quests and online quizzes work
    • 1) Preparation
      A few weeks before the event, the date and time of the event will be announced. A link to the Zoom stream and a memo for users will be sent to the main.
    • 2) Greeting

      The entire team will be randomly divided into smaller groups. Teams need to choose a captain who will be in charge of the team's answers and solutions.
    • 3) Team assignments
      Teams stay on line in their room at Zoom and work together to complete team assignments.
      All teams are shifted to the common room while checking answers.
    • 4) Summary

      At the end, the winner team, got the most scores, will be declared.
    Types of virtual events
    We offer you several types of event to choose:
    • online show
    • online quest
    • online quiz
    • online masterclasses
    • online play/series
    • comics story
    • yoga class with a master
    • insta-lunch
    • psychological/coaching training
      All types work well together, making it possible to create an online event that incorporates different types.

      We are happy to realize any virtual event idea you like.

    Virtual event options

    Looking for an idea? See scenario options for online formats

      Stages of a virtual corporate event
      Choosing the concept of the event, approving the program, choosing a presenter, masters, studio for the event.
      Using corporate communication means, an event announcement is sent to employees, including the theme, date, time and type of the event, so that employees can plan their day and prepare for the event.
      Day of the event
      Using a link sent the day before the event, employees connect to the broadcast, communicate with each other, with the presenter, participate in interactives, contests and masterclasses, follow what is happening in the studio. Guests could be invited to the studio to take part in special games from the presenter.
      If there were winners in the interactives, they are contacted by the manager who hands over the gift.
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      Why you can entrust your event to us?
      It's a bargain
      The best solutions at the lowest price
      Keep within budgets

      We save your budget

      End-to-end solution
      We offer creative ideas
      Developing a comprehensive solution

      We control all stages of events


      Possible terms in 3-5 days
      Quick Adjustments

      We meet customer deadlines


      Over 12 years of experience
      Over 2000 events

      Over 90,000 satisfied guests

      We solve business problems at events
      We solve team building problems

      We create bright unforgettable shows


      We will always find something to surprise you

      We offer to choose from 3 options

      What awaits you at the online event?

      • Presenter
        We will select a professional host who knows how to improvise and has experience in conducting online events.
      • Platform
        We will select a platform that is convenient and suitable for the event: Zoom, YouTube, Teams, etc.
      • Gift boxes
        We will compose and deliver themed boxes for your team.
      • Concept
        We will offer thematic concepts for your event. We will develop a scenario for a thematic quest.
      • Technical equipment
        We will select a studio and technical specialists that meet all your needs.
      • Communication

        We will create a telegram chat in advance, in which posts about the upcoming event will be published and the team will be able to communicate.


      Our clients
      For 10 years, we have been working successfully with many companies, which are now our friends and good business partners!
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