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Team building is an ongoing process that helps a work group evolve into a cohesive unit. And depending on what is important at the moment, the type of event is taken, which should solve the company's tasks.

What tasks does team building resolve?

There are many tasks of this kind, here are a few examples:
  • · Employee introduction.
  • · Training and engaging employees in the work flow.
  • · Engaging employees in corporate values.
  • · Increasing motivation for teamwork and building a career.
  • · Increasing kpi of employees or departments.
  • · Mental relief or conflict mitigation.
  • · Shift from internal competition to cooperation and mutual assistance.

Reasons for holding team building events

It is particularly important to carry out team building activities if:
  • ·The company is recently founded.
  • Decreased labor productivity and low motivation of employees.
  • Conflict environment in the team
  • There has been a staff layoff.
  • There has been a position reassignment.
  • You are planning to launch a new project or enterprise.
  • A company merge has taken place.
Team building can be part of a corporate event, and it's a long growing trend. Employees would rather participate in games than sit around a table with drinks for hours.

Types of corporate team building

Сreative team building
Employees can express themselves through creativity. For example, painting a picture, making a film, or putting on a play.
Sports team building
The focus is on physical activity: relay races, outdoor games like football, volleyball, or sports competitions.
Intellectual team building
Employees participate in intellectual games and quizzes, sharing knowledge and showcasing their erudition.
Psychological team building
Employees participate in trust-building exercises, tests, and receive feedback from colleagues and management.
Themed team building
Employees immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a chosen theme, such as a movie, book, TV show, or historical event.
Charitable team building
Doing good deeds together. Activities may include planting trees, organizing cleanup campaigns, picking up litter, or visiting orphanages.
Tips for organizing a team building event
  • Define your goals
    Your goals will determine both the overall result and the tasks for the contractors. Without goals, it will be difficult to evaluate the effectiveness of your event as well.
  • Discuss the date and time with your employees
    Someone may have other plans. Not everyone will be willing to hold a team building event on a weekend.
  • Discuss the type of teambuilding with your employees
    It's important to consider the comfort zone of the team. For example, activities that are too extreme may confuse participants.
  • Management should also participate in event
    Without management participation, team building activities will not be taken seriously by employees and the effectiveness may be minimized. Ideally, management should not only participate, but also become co-authors of the scenario.
  • Create a supportive environment
    Before and after a team building event, you need to create an atmosphere that and does not devalue it. For example, employees performed well at the event, were on the same page with top managers, and when they return to the office, they are deprived of the opportunity to be creative.
  • Choose your contractors or event agency properly
    Unprofessional organization can spoil even the worthiest goals

Examples of organizing team building

View photos and videos of team building activities from our portfolio

    What awaits you at the event?

    • Location

      We will select a venue responding to your budget and request: a homestead, a restaurant, a cafe or an event space.
    • Catering
      We will plan a menu and ensure the high quality of prepared dishes.
    • Entertainment part

      We will make a scenario for the event and organize the performance of a cover band and artists of different genres.
    • Host

      We specialize in selecting top emcees for your event.
    • Activation zones
      Game zones will not let guests get bored. Chill zones will allow you to relax and have fun.
    • Team building
      We will select activities to unite your team: creative, sports, intellectual tasks, games and quizzes.
    • Decor
      We organize thematic design of the event and photo zones.
    • Technical equipment
      We will make an individual project for the technical equipment of a site of any level of complexity.

    Concepts and themes of corporate events

    Looking for an idea? Look at the concepts.
      Additionally, we can organize
      • Celebrity invitation

        Organize the performance of pop stars or/and famous emcees
      • DJ
        You will be pleased with atmospheric conceptual sets from the DJ.
      • Photo and video
        We organize photo and video shooting of your event.
      • Medical staff
        We will organize the duty of a doctor, nurse or ambulance at your event.
      • Promo staff

        We organize the work of hostesses and promoters.
      • POS materials
        We will produce printing, merch, souvenirs. We brand the space and activation zones.
      • Transfer

        We will transfer guests to the location and take them to their desired location after the event.
      • Accommodation

        We organize the booking and check-in for guests at the hotel.

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