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Office games

For many employees, the office is associated with work, a clear schedule, formality... But how do you like the idea of having an evening of entertainment in the office or even a night out?
The office will temporarily turn into a place of entertainment, games, dances. After such a corporate party, work in the office will evoke only pleasant emotions and memories.

Office game mechanics

The office space will be divided into zones:

  • food and drink area
  • dance floor
  • imaginary scene
  • play areas
  • chill zone
  • tabletop area
During the corporate party, everyone will be able to play games, receive gifts, relax and chat with colleagues, dance and participate in the "office Olympiad" - a series of competitions where the winners, the best of the best, will be determined.

What's included?

  • Activation zones
  • Host's program
  • Uplifting music from a DJ
  • Food and drink
A dress code theme can be set to create a special atmosphere.

Next, we will present possible variants of games for the "office Olympiad". This is not a complete list. It can be expanded or modified at the request of the client and according to the budget.

Office Olympics. Game options

1) Paper airplane competition

Find out who can make the coolest paper airplanes by testing their skills at launch. The winner of the best airplane will receive a gift.
2) Chair racing

Each employee probably thought about how cool it would be to ride around the office on a chair with a breeze. The time has come not only to bring it to life, but also to receive a gift.
3) Fashion sentence

Have you always felt that a great couturier lives in you? Then this contest is for you. Several teams are participating. Task: make a fashionable look for one of the team members using improvised tools that can be found in the office.
4) Table basketball

Participants are given 10 attempts to throw tennis balls into all the cups that are attached to the wall. The most accurate wins.
5) Limbo

While working in the office, it does not hurt to warm up. This is where Limbo comes in handy. The most flexible and dexterous will win.
6) Marksman

Participants from a slingshot must shoot down the targets with a launched ball. The winner is the one who knocks out the most targets in the shortest time.

Evening program

The evening program can be supplemented by the game "Intuition", as well as games from the presenter, in which the most enterprising will receive prizes.

Comfortable number of participants - up to 50 people