KITCHEN EVENT corporate concept in Poland
New Year's team building

Japanese mafia

How much do you know about mafia culture around the world? Surely, the first thing is the Italian mafia or the mafia from the 90s.
We offer to plunge into the atmosphere of the Japanese mafia - Yakuza.
You will find the incredible aesthetics of mafiosi from Japan, amazing traditional snacks, shows, decor - everything to feel this part of Japanese culture. During the evening, you will have to go through the initiation into the ranks of the yakuza, which is not so easy. 

Follow the directions of the ke-dai and shatei, assistants to the main boss, and you will be rewarded at the end.


The first part of the event is team building.

Guests will go through the path of initiation into the yakuza. To do this, they need to go through several stages that are directly related to the most famous areas of their activities:

Clan selection (team division)

Accuracy check (find out how your team members wield weapons).

You need to know the law (the mafia movement in Japan has special laws, knowledge of which in some cases must be confirmed through passing an exam).

Making your own Yakuza house from matches.

In addition to team building, guests will find:

  • samurai show
  • Cover band performance
  • Interactive from the host.
Guests are greeted by animators dressed as yakuza. They offer to try sake, thereby proving that they belong to the yakuza.

Background activities

  • Japanese board games and puzzles.
  • Manga and anime zone.
  • Foot karaoke.
  • Robot fights.
  • Master class in Japanese calligraphy.
  • Master class on cooking sushi.
  • Origami master class.
  • Master class on the culture of tea drinking.


We offer references for a thematic branded photo zone with 3-d elements.
The company logo can be stylized as Japanese calligraphy.