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Squid game

The squid game is the sensational most popular series of 2021. The characters of the series need to complete 6 children's games and try to win a $40 million prize. If you lose, you die. And although the events of the series are, of course, fictional, the games based on it are quite real, and not so cruel.
We invite you to play our version of 6 rounds of this attractive game and try to win a valuable prize.

What to expect:

  • thematic team building “Squid Game”
  • decor in the style of the series
  • korean food menu
  • background activation zones
  • thematic quiz on the series and Korean traditions

Game mechanics:

  • Employees of the company are issued business cards with the game logo, date, time and address of the event in a few days.
  • Guests are greeted by an animator in the form of a hero from the series and gives out a card with the player's serial number.
  • In addition to the number of the cards, they will also differ in color.
  • In accordance with the color, each player is assigned to the team in which the games will take place. Only 6 games.
  • The game goes on the number of points. The winning team receives a prize.

Game examples:

Game 1: Chase your color

In this game, 1 person from a team takes part and 4 people compete at the same time (from different teams).
The task of the players is to have time to press the button when the light indicator points to their light.
The team with the most points after 3 rounds wins.
Game 2: Sugar Honeycomb - Dalgona candy

The essence of this test is to use a needle to cut out one of the shapes that come across from Dalgon's sugar cookies: a triangle, a circle, an umbrella or a star.
This must be done very carefully, without the slightest damage and in just 10 minutes.
3 players from all teams participate in the competition. Teams receive points for a neatly carved figure.
Game 3: Mind Games

In the third game, 1 person from each team competes.
A special device that reads brain activity using a sensor attached to the player's head converts the intensity of mental activity into a directed movement of a marker - a special ball floating in the air. The player's task is to move this marker to the side of the enemy with the power of thought!
Game 4: Happy Beer Pong

This is not a simple beer pong: in each cup there will be a card with a wish and a number. The task of the players is to knock out more cards with the most points inside.
The team whose players score the most points wins.
Game 5: Marble games

For this game, the participants will be divided into pairs - members of different teams compete. Each player is given 10 glass marbles.
With the help of the game - you need to win 10 balls from your opponent and get 20 pieces in the end. Players need to hit the ball in the hole / vessel
Game 6: Squid Game

"Squid Game", the literal translation of its Korean name, is a street game that has offense and defense battling each other in a squid-shaped court.
The rules are simple. Players from different teams are divided into two groups: attack and defense. Once play has started, the defender may run on two feet within reach, while the off-line offensive player is only allowed to hop on one foot. But if the attacker crosses the "waist" of the squid ahead of the defense, he or she is given the opportunity to walk freely on two legs.

After preparing for the final battle, the attackers gather at the entrance to the "squid". To win, the attackers must tap their foot into a small enclosed space on the squid's head.

But if the defender pushes the attacker past the outline of a squid, he will die. Conditionally, of course.

Game end:

Everyone who was part of the winning team will be provided with branded piggy banks with a sum of money up to 40 PLN (with a face value of 2 PLN).

Evening program:

  • Cover band performance
  • Host's program
  • Theme quiz game


A photo zone in the style of the series and decor with neon and unusual decorations will immerse you in the atmosphere of the series.