KITCHEN EVENT corporate concept in Poland
Summer team building New Year's Games


Does a sandwich always fall butter side down? Is it true that you can stick a person to the wall with 10 meters of adhesive tape? These claims require verification. And your employees will check them.

What is the point?

The MythBusters corporate is based on the TV show of the same name, which is loved by millions of people around the world.

Participants using their knowledge and ingenuity will check the authenticity of scientific tales, legends, rumors. These will not be just fun experiments, but a real breakthrough in consciousness.

Indeed, at the time of the search for truth, participants will look from a different angle and at work processes in order to find a solution to tasks that seem impossible at first glance.

How will the team building work?

Both intellectual and creative team building in a game format are waiting for you at the same time.
Participants will gather at the starting location, form teams and present them.

Teams will receive a "score book" with a prescribed route sheet, and will begin to pass the team building stages (10 minutes for each stage)
At each location, the teams will be met by testers who will explain the task, count the points and fill out the test books (the testers will also monitor compliance with safety regulations)
In the final, the teams will gather at the finish line, where they will all break down the wall of stereotypes.
After summing up, the teams will receive prizes.

Step examples

In crowded but not mad
find out how many people and additional attributes fit in a car
Baseball eggs
Find out if chicken eggs will break if they are covered with paint / paste / plasticine
Find me if you can
Let's try to find 5 color balls in a huge pool of balls
Cola sniper
te how many mentos shells are needed to hit a target with cola at a distance of 5 meters
Limit and chaos
try to fold a sheet of paper in half more than 8 times
Tasks can include both general myths and those related to your field. For example, in advance we will ask passers-by what stereotypes they know about your profession, and in the process of team building we will try to destroy them. Whoever succeeds will earn more points.

What is included in the corporate program?

  • Host and DJ
  • Food and drinks throughout the event
  • Lounge area (hookah area if desired)
  • Cover band
  • Themed cocktail bar
  • Additional activation zones and game attractions


  • Atmospheric site with abandoned equipment, wagons, open zoned location (active recreation park)
  • Participants will be provided with protective suits and accessories.
  • Graffiti-style branded photo zone