KITCHEN EVENT corporate concept in Poland
New Year's Summer

Classic corporate party

A traditional offline corporate party is a universal version of a corporate party. Suitable for companies from 15 to 1000 employees.
The main objective of the event is to mark the results of the year, motivate for achievements in the new year and raise the corporate spirit.

Subtasks - to surprise employees, spend time in an informal setting, increasing the level of employee loyalty.
Classic corporate includes such components as:

  • Site selection (suburban area, restaurant, event space);
  • The work of the presenter and cover band
  • background activities. Such as: photo booth operation, video spinner, casino zones, VR attraction, cocktail bar and much more;
  • Hall decor (Photo zone on a neutral theme and table decor);
  • Development of the program of the event with the selection of artists.
At the entrance area, guests are greeted by a hostess who talks about what will happen during the evening and helps guests with seating.
Event program:

  • The evening starts with a drum show/dance show/image video about the company;
  • The host welcomes the guests, congratulates the New Year or other occasion, and gives the floor to the company management
  • Employee awards (optional)
  • Performance of dance groups/artists;
  • Cover band performance
  • Game of corporate quiz/intuition;
  • Salute / fire show.
Background activities include:

  • Photo booth/video spinner 360 operation;
  • Casino zone (roulette, poker);
  • Virtual reality attraction;
  • Master classes on creating Christmas balls/postcards.

The decor in this case is not tied to the concept and can be chosen at the request of the client.