KITCHEN EVENT corporate concept in Poland
Summer team building

Summer Party

Every day is a holiday. Every day is important.
For some, today is a special day.

The day when a dream came true, the day of meeting an idol, buying an apartment. Today could be World Spaghetti Day, or the day the final take of the Titanic was filmed. But the bottom line is that this day is precious and we ourselves can make it a special day.

A day when your team will become even closer, a day that will be inscribed in the corporate history of the team, and which you will remember.

During the event, we will celebrate various events that took place on this day.

And the first holiday of this day is the world day of summer holiday. Promise that today you will rest to the fullest!

What to expect at the event

  • team building with activities dedicated to the holidays that are celebrated on this day
  • background activities
  • decor
  • evening program
  • chill zone

How will the team building work?

1) Participants will gather at the starting location, form teams and present them.

2) Each team will receive a “holiday calendar” with a prescribed route sheet, and will proceed to the team building stages (10 minutes for each stage)

3) Each location is a holiday celebrated on the day of the event. The passage time for one zone is 10 minutes.

4) At each location, teams will be met by instructors who will explain the task, count points and fill out record books (Instructors will also monitor compliance with safety regulations)

5) In the final, the teams will gather at the point and draw up a calendar of company holidays.

6) Summing up, rewarding the winning team.

Stages of team building (on the example of the holidays on July 22)

Day of the cowboy or Stay in the saddle

Cowboy Day should prove to everyone that cowboy culture, despite the delusion that it has disappeared over the years and been defeated by the information age, is alive and well. Team members need to stay in the saddle for the maximum amount of time in the allotted time. Cowboys can change.
day of lost things

An unusual summer holiday is dedicated to an integral part of everyday life - the discovery of lost things. Teams need to find certain items in the "Warehouse of Lost Things" among others of the same forgotten ones.
body positivity day

As they say, there should be a lot of a good person, and even more of an excellent one! 2 teams compete in this zone: 1 participant from the team puts on catcher pants, the opposing team throws balls, and the task of the players is to catch them with the help of pants. The team with the most balls wins.
brain day

According to the decision of the World Federation of Neurology, every year on July 22, World Brain Day is celebrated, designed to increase people's attention to the health of the human brain - the most mysterious organ.

2 teams compete in this area. The task of the teams is to go through 2 stages faster than their rivals: 1st - to make a puzzle of cubes, which makes it possible to open the box. 2nd - the figures of the vases are drawn in a box in a certain order, the teams must reproduce the vases in the correct order.
Spooner Day

Spoonerism is an inadvertent slip of the tongue or deliberate pun in which two closely related words in a sentence are swapped with initials, syllables, or individual letters/sounds.

Teams will be given forms with phrases from which they need to make spoonerisms, the more spoonerisms will be compiled, the more points the team earns.

The final stage of the team building

When all teams complete the stages, we will take out a stand with a company logo and a calendar.

Caption: Every day is a holiday with …. (Company name).
During the team building, the photographer will take a photo of the team, he will place the photo next to the stand. Team players will need to pull out a photo, attach it to a calendar, sign it and come up with a holiday for that day.

Background activities and lounge areas

  • Lounge area with soft bean bags, hammocks and pallet tables.
  • The work of a hookah master in the lounge area.
  • Crash zone to let off steam


  • Photo zone with branding and a hammock, hinting at a great vacation.
  • Chill-zones where you can retire and watch a movie.
  • Unusual pointers for navigating the site.
  • An artificial beach where you can drink a cocktail.

Evening program

  • Host's program
  • Cover band performance
  • Thematic quiz about holidays
  • Dj set
  • Firework