KITCHEN EVENT corporate concept in Poland
Summer team building

Target "Active"

A corporate event based on competitive games, where you need to be as active, fast, and agile as possible.
This is not only an opportunity to actively relax in nature, but also to remember that you are not just colleagues, but a team of like-minded people.

What's included?

  • Active games
  • Host's program
  • Uplifting music from a DJ
  • Food and drink

Game Options

Cheesecake racing

As soon as the judge's word is heard, it's time to start!
A person takes a cheesecake and jumps from a running start to the path at the end of which there are skittles.
The more pins a participant knocked down, the more points he earned for his team.
Handymobile ride

The task of the participants is to travel a given distance and pass the vehicle to the next participant, and so on until the last team member finishes.
The team that reaches the finish line first wins. Teams can participate either simultaneously or by choosing the finalists and the decisive race between them.
squirrel race

The squirrel wheel is an inflatable double-flange wheel with inflatable "steps" in the middle.
Participants need to hold on to the ropes on the sides of the wheel and quickly step over the "steps" to pass the relay faster than the opponent. The team cannot help the participant at a distance, otherwise a fine!
The team with the shortest total time wins.

The task of the team members will be to complete the relay distance as quickly as possible.
The team, or part of the team, must enter the track and travel a given distance at speed, while leaving the track is not allowed. Stepping on the ground is penalized and adds penalty seconds!
Haste in this task does not always lead to victory! The first team to reach the finish line first wins!

The task of the stage: a team (one participant cannot manage to control a giant fishing rod) or two rival teams in the allotted time needs to “catch” the maximum number of wooden “fish”, which really does not want to get hooked.
The more fish caught in the allotted time, the better for the team.
Run in fins

The soft construction of giant fins does not allow opponents to win at the expense of speed, technique is needed and important here.
All team members need to complete the relay distance in the minimum time. The team whose participants finished the stage and came to the finish line first is considered the winner!
horse racing

The essence of the stage: the participants of the two teams for a while must alternately jump a limited distance and return the “horse” to the next participant, and so on until the whole team finishes.
The team that finishes the stage first wins.
giant slingshot

Can you knock down an entire high-rise building with pigs in 5 shots? Check it out with a giant slingshot.
For each knocked out floor or pig, participants are awarded prize points.
The team with the most points wins!
In addition, the evening program has the opportunity to supplement the performance of a cover band, the game "Weak Link", "Intuition", activities from the YouTube show. All of them are aimed at rallying the team and getting positive emotions.
The most enterprising will receive branded gifts.