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Fun Party

"All for fun!" - the motto of such a corporate party.
This is a party with non-standard games, activities and a program among colleagues. No formality, just a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, great music, food and drinks.

What is the point

The location will be divided into many zones. Anyone can go through these zones individually, or as a team (of your choice).
You can choose from the proposed list of games those that attract you. And we will prepare a scenario for a corporate party based on them.
A rating table will hang in each zone, which will allow you to identify the best in a particular game at the end of the evening.

Alternative option

For each victory in the game, the employee is given chips that will be counted at the end of the evening. At the end, we will sum up the results and award the winners.

And one more feature of such a party: employees can then play many games in their office, since the props there are the simplest.

What's included?

  • Activation zones
  • Host's program
  • Uplifting music from a DJ
  • Food and drink
A dress code theme can be set to create a special atmosphere.
Let's look at possible options for activation zones. This is not a complete list. It can be expanded or modified as you wish and according to your budget.

Game Options

1) Giant Jenga
In 10 minutes, each participant takes turns pulling the bars out of the tower. The task of the team is to build the highest possible tower in a limited time.
2) Cup tower
Participants need to build a tower of cups faster than an opponent, and collect them all "into each other", right from the tower. If the tower collapses, the participant starts all over again.
3) Twister
All participants play at once. During the game, everyone needs to hold out until the end of the game. Otherwise, points are reduced for each fallen participant.
4) Beer pong with tasks
The beer pong game familiar to everyone, but complicated by the fact that the participant needs to complete additional tasks. For example, portray a model at a professional photo shoot, stay in the bar for 30 seconds, or show 10 emotions for other players to guess.
5) What did I drink for work?
The team is offered unusual drinks, with an interesting combination. The task of the team members is to guess as many drinks as possible, which each of them will taste.
6) Seems groped
Participants must feel by touch what is in the box. The content is visible to everyone except the participant himself.
7) Loud question
One of the team members must explain certain words to his teammates. The only difficulty is that they will be wearing headphones and will not hear it.
8) Labyrinth
A zone aimed at trust and disclosure of leadership qualities. All team members will have to go through the maze. Whether it will be a field with traps or a blind maze, you choose.
9) Who wins?
2 people participate. This is a competitive game in which you first turn your cup upside down by tossing it. If the throw is successful, then with this cup (of one color) he closes the opponent's cup (of another color). The winner is the one who closes all the cups with cups of his color.
10) jumped
Kind of an obstacle zone. The most difficult thing is to reach the end and not confuse the pointers for the arms and legs shown in the pictures. The winner is the one who goes through the lane the fastest. They take turns taking part.
11) Tea somersault
Participants take turns hitting the spoon so that the second spoon hits the glass. Each hit is 1 point. Time to complete the task - 7 minutes.
12) Marksman
Participants take turns throwing balls into glasses of water. The task is to fill all the glasses with balloons in the allotted time - 7 minutes. Each hit is 1 point. If all the glasses are filled with balloons faster, the team will be awarded +2 points.
13) Obstacle Course
Teams will go through 4 containers filled with not the most pleasant content. How long they stay in them depends on how quickly and correctly they will answer questions from different areas. The faster the team passes all the tanks, the more points it will receive.
15) Blow and push
Participants push the cup through the maze using only the air from the balloon. If the glass falls, the participant starts again. 1 passage of the maze - 1 point.
16) Ping pong ball
2 teams are participating. Using a pipe-tongue, it is necessary to roll the ball so that it rolls off someone else's half of the field. 1 goal - 1 point.
17) Team Tennis
All team members will line up in a checkerboard pattern with rackets. Their task, passing the ball to each other in turn, is to bring the ball to the zone with the line. If the ball falls during the pass, the game starts again. 1 successful goal - 1 point.
18) Nerf Shooting Range
Team members take turns shooting from a children's blaster at targets (cups). Each knocked down glass - 1 point.
19) Memo
There are 20 identical cups in front of the team, on which balls are placed. In 5 seconds, they need to remember the location of as many balls as possible (10 pieces). The number of attempts is 10. The more balls found, the more points the team has.
20) Movie fan
Participants alternately come out and explain the title of the film without using the same root words, the names of actors and heroes of the film, only with the help of retelling. 1 guessed movie - 1 point.
21) You yell great
The competition of the same name from the show "Studio Union".
Will the members be able to sing the entire section of the song without hitting the obstacles?
The task of the participants is to pass with their voice a virtual obstacle course
In addition to the main program, background activities are provided that will run throughout the event. These can be board games, puzzles, video games, RETRO CONSOLE, VR attractions and other options of your choice.