KITCHEN EVENT corporate concept in Poland
New Year's


New Year's corporate party in the style of the Met Gala is a bright, spectacular and memorable evening.
A beautiful area with New Year's fashion decorations, evening dresses, a photo shoot and activities that everyone can find to their liking awaits guests.
Chic, glitter, camera flashes, Cosmo cocktails - everything will be like from the pages of gossip magazines.

The emphasis this evening is on the guests themselves and their images, on the achievements of employees in the past year.

For the event, we declare a black tie dress code.
At the same time, we ask guests to reflect their inner world in their outfits.
This evening, you can afford the images in which we imagine ourselves on the red carpet. You can try on the most daring, spectacular images and amaze colleagues with your style.
Be brave!

Hostesses meet guests, marking them on the lists.
Guests enter the hall along the red carpet with a press ox, where the photographer takes a photo. In addition to a real photographer, there are also animators imitating paparazzi.
After the red carpet, guests are interviewed, asking questions about what guided them in choosing outfits, what they expect from the evening, what memorable events happened to them in the past year, what they wish their company in the new year.

1) The program begins with a spectacular show: dance, shadow theater, drum show.
2) The main program is rewarding employees. 
3) The choice of the king and queen of the ball - voting for the best outfit.
4) Bright numbers.
5) Performance by a cover band.
6) Salute.
7) Cake with 3D mapping.

There are background activities during the event.
  • Poker zone or wine casino.
  • Video spinner 360.
  • Branded stand with sparkling.

  • Installation of bright, unusual Christmas trees
  • Neon box with branding
  • Foil photo zone with neon