KITCHEN EVENT corporate concept in Poland

Zombie party

Tired of everyday life, want new sensations? Get it! The zombie apocalypse has arrived. He overtook everyone without exception. Do people annoy you and you want to at least bite them? Nothing, it's okay.
It's time to get everyone together and have some fun while you're a zombie.
A zombie-themed party will give you the opportunity to relax and be dead for the evening.
And then rise from the dead and come back to life.

Event program

Quest "Who did this?" (search for what started the zombie apocalypse)

VR zone where you can relieve tension and crumble everyone to pieces

Bar-zone vaccination

Treats in the theme of the event

Makeup zone

Game "It seems groped"

Contests and program from the presenter

Board games and attractions (jenga, twister, shooting gallery, giant slingshot, eye ball)


entrance area
Thematic sweets
Design example