KITCHEN EVENT corporate concept in Poland

On the wave

Is your company on the wave of professionalism, openness, modernity?
We invite employees to conquer a new wave - the water element, showing themselves in an unusual team building. Immerse yourself in an atmospheric vacation filled with a sea of ​​activities and fun. Time to freshen up!

What awaits you at the event?

  • team building
  • Food and drink
  • Lounge zones, photo zones
  • Useful islands
  • Activation zones
  • Evening program

Team building "On the wave"

You have to conquer the water element, passing through various stages. The stages will include game tasks related to water. At the end of the stage, points are awarded for the best result. The winning team will receive gifts.

Team Building Mechanics

Each participant will receive a colored bracelet. Teams will be formed from participants with bracelets of the same color. Teams will also receive a route sheet with tasks.

The beginning and end of the stage will be accompanied by a sound signal.

Time to complete tasks is limited - 10 minutes.

At each stage, teams will receive fabric ribbons in blue shades, which will be useful at the end of the team building.

Stages of team building

surf rodeo

Can you last more than a minute on the board on normal mode? Or will the master resist the most difficult? Catch the rhythm of the waves!
Arrival of boats

Break the waves with the most powerful small boat. Take the remote control and start swimming at speed. Time is fixed, so you need to try. Players go through the zone in a relay format.
water rocket

Three, four, go! Do you think it is possible to launch a bottle of water into the air to a height of more than 2 meters? Water can do a lot, let's check it out!
Sailing regattas

Each team needs to make a paper boat, place it at the start of the water track and use a fan / tube, creating a tailwind, to help it reach the finish line faster than the opponent.
water crossing

Teams will be able to test their cohesion and dexterity at this stage. Water does not like sudden movements. Teams need to make a crossing and move water from one tank to another with minimal loss.
water spheres

It is at the stage with water spheres that the teams will have to conquer the water surface and get out of the water dry. The task is to go through the water distance in a certain time and, as a result, get well-deserved points.
Unifying stage

From the ribbons that the teams received during the tasks, everyone will go together to create an art object in the form of a wave, which will become a photo zone
Completion of the team building

At the end of the team building, all teams will gather at the starting location, where we will sum up the results and award the winning team. Various activities and an evening program are also waiting for you.

Evening program

  • Host and dj
  • Drummer Show
  • Cover band
  • Light painting show
  • Intellectual game
  • foam show

Water activations

  • Jet skiing
  • Banana and cheesecake rides
  • Wakeboard rides

Background activities

  • Giant beerpong
  • sea battle
  • Badminton
  • Table tennis
  • air hockey
  • Pinball for two
  • frisbee
  • machine
  • giant jenga
  • wet quiz

Decor and photo zone

Lounge areas

To escape from the scorching sun, we offer several design options for lounge areas.
Domes from inflatable circles, colorful ribbons, balls, fabric garlands.
Armchairs and bean bags, deck chairs, bedspreads, tents


For the comfort of guests, we offer to place "islands" where they can use sunscreen, take fans, caps. There will be signs on the site.
And for spectacular photos and outdoor fun in the welcome zone, guests will be offered soap bubbles and water pistols. You can also install a mobile shower to freshen up.