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How well do you know your colleagues or employees? Are you able to determine in 1 minute who from your office dreamed of becoming a priest as a child, who wears a hairpiece, and who has a collection of insects at home?
Corporate Intuition is a game that will help you get to know your colleagues from an unexpected side.

Perhaps your team has a master of sports in rowing or gymnastics, an accountant has visited 23 countries, and an HR specialist was generally expelled from the university.

You will never know what secrets your colleagues are hiding... Unless you play Intuition.

Game mechanics

7 days before the event, all employees will receive a mailing that they must provide a fact about themselves that colleagues do not know.
They send the fact to the project manager.
The manager creates teams that will take turns guessing the facts about the participants.
The team that guessed the most facts wins.

During the game, the positions are displayed on the screen, the presenter oversees the game process.