KITCHEN EVENT corporate concept in Poland

Visiting Tim Burton

Scary and terrible, but insanely talented, Tim Burton is happy to welcome you to a party in the style of the universe he created.
The dress code is simple: you can dress up as your favorite character from the crazy universe or come up with your own image that fits into the theme.

Event program

The host and animators in thematic images will meet the guests and immerse them in an atmosphere of horror and fear.
⦁ Quest and chocolate prizes from Willy Wonka.
⦁ Quiz on the knowledge of the works of Tim Burton.
⦁ Competition for the best image.
⦁ Crazy "tea party" with unusual treats.
⦁ Terrible musical numbers from a cover band.
⦁ A dance set for all the nightmares with excellent-terrible music!
⦁ Tabletops in the style of a party.


The space will be divided into zones according to Tim Burton films:

  • bar beetlejuice
  • Workshop of Edward Scissorhands
  • Sleepy Hollow Zone
  • Salon of the Dead Bride
  • Batman's fitness room
and others.
Entrance area decor
Photozone example
Decor elements example