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Online quiz

Online quiz is an intellectual game in the question-answer format. Number of questions: 50. All quizzes are made individually and consist of several rounds.

Examples of quiz rounds

Cinema fan

A round that will definitely appeal to all moviegoers. The questions will be very different and definitely not boring. For example:
  • guess the names of the series by the colors of the characters or the graphic drawings of the universes;
  • remember where this or that phrase comes from;
  • name the movie according to the part of the poster
Music has tied us

Teams in which participants with different musical tastes should definitely be lucky in this round.
For a few minutes, we will plunge into the world of music, full of surprises and tricks:
  • songs reverse
  • translations of translations
  • the most amazing clips and their unknown endings
  • soundtracks for films, cartoons and series
It is a fact!

Our world is so amazing that sometimes the facts about it are stupefying and surprising.
The task of the teams is to give a correct explanation of the proposed facts, and also to determine which of the proposed facts are true and which are false, to supplement quotes that belong to famous personalities.
I know myself

How well employees know their company can be tested in a round called "I know myself!"

There will be various questions regarding the activities of the company, its history, achievements, representatives in the most unexpected form :))
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