KITCHEN EVENT corporate concept in Poland

Mindfulness Festival

Employees will have the opportunity to visit various master classes, workshops and lectures on the topic of conscious consumption and charity in a few hours. Everyone will be able to discover ways in which he can make the world a better place.
This is not a boring set of speaker presentations, but practical exercises and conversations that will be useful and entertaining for everyone.

What does it consist of?

  • Eco hand-made: we make organizers and storage boxes from scrap materials
  • Eco-activist's guide: bonuses and amenities to support eco-movements.
  • Upcycling: new life for old things
  • Yoga is magic for life
An excellent addition to the program can be a good deed that employees will do on the eve of an online event

Examples of useful cases

  • Tree planting.
  • Assistance to public initiatives.
  • Help for children
  • Electric scrap collection
A few weeks before the online event, a challenge will be launched in social networks “Kind Corporate”.

Its essence is such that an employee can choose any good deed that he wants to do, take a photo in the process of doing it, put a unique hashtag and publish it on his social networks with a mark of the company account.

Subsequently, other network users can also connect to this challenge, which will attract as many people as possible to a good deed.

For whom is it suitable?

For companies that

  • support the eco-movement and want to try new directions
  • want to have an exciting and useful corporate event in an unusual format
  • take care of the world and people not in words, but in deeds
Duration: up to 4 hours (time is adjusted depending on the selected content of the program)
Format: online (Zoom platform)
Comfortable number of participants: up to 50 people
For those wishing to hold such a corporate event offline, additional activities, eco-tours with team building, quests and games within the concept can be offered.
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