KITCHEN EVENT corporate concept in Poland

Online yoga class

The format of a corporate event, filled with classes in relaxation, meditation, yoga in its various directions.
What does the lesson include?

Hatha yoga
The first stage, with the help of asanas, which improves mobility and flexibility, increases strength and endurance.

Laughter Yoga
After class, you will feel that life is beautiful and how great your lungs are “ventilated”. It also relieves muscle tension.

After active exercises, the stage of concentration follows. During meditation, participants will be able to clear their mind and learn how to control it.

Musical part
And the final stage will be dance yoga. It helps to work with your inner energy, gives a tremendous charge to the soul and body. Exactly what is needed.
In order to introduce colleagues to each other, in each block we will divide them into teams, within which they will come up with their own asana, give it a name and demonstrate it to the rest of the participants who will try to repeat it.

Or as an alternative, the teams will take photos together and send them to the general chat of the event.

At the end of the lesson, participants can share their impressions, take photos together and just chat.
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