KITCHEN EVENT corporate concept in Poland

Online quest

Online quest is a new format of corporate events and team building, the participants of which can be located anywhere in the city, and even on different sides of the globe. The main thing is to have a stable internet connection.
Online quests are still gaining popularity and your team will definitely like their novelty!

Theme of quests

Quests can be part of an exciting themed scenario that will be designed just for you.

Quests can be developed for any event in the company, and tasks are made taking into account the interests of employees.

Examples of quest rounds

The quest consists of several rounds connected by one story. Passing from round to round, the teams will open tips for new rounds.
Rebus crossword

Teams will have to answer questions and eventually receive a code word, which will be sent to the quest administrator and will be able to move on to the next task.
Ciphers and numbers

Teams will need to solve the cipher and get a code that gives access to the game of quiz.
Battle of intellectuals

This is a small quiz in which teams have to answer 20 thematic questions.
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