KITCHEN EVENT corporate concept in Poland

Inside Out

Each department and employee makes a huge contribution to the development of the company. But sometimes employees underestimate the work of their colleagues, believing that their duties are much more important and more difficult.
Well, it's time to show the opposite! We offer you a concept, thanks to which the team will be able to feel the importance of each link in the company and try on different positions.

What awaits guests at the event?

  • team building
  • photo zone
  • buffet
  • Lounge areas
  • Background activities
  • Evening program

Decor and photo zone

To maintain the theme, where the main characters are the employees themselves, all locations of the platform will be decorated with their photos, legendary quotes, memes that are understandable only to your team.
In addition, you can complement the site with activations, where guests will make photos from cubes (from the company's archives) or a wall where they will leave an inscription (graffiti wall), which will serve as a cool photo zone.

team building

The idea of team building is that the tasks of the stages will be invented by the employees themselves from different departments/teams/divisions.

At each stage, teams earn points recorded in the route sheet.

Based on the results of passing all stages, the winning team will be determined, whose members will receive gifts (for example, the "universal employee" award).
A month before the event, we send employees information about the upcoming team building and offer to think over tasks for their colleagues. Each department / team of employees describes the essence of the task, and we make minimal adjustments and implement these ideas.

Stage options


It's easy for anyone to complain about bookkeeping, especially when payday is approaching. But they have a lot of tasks that participants will face at this stage.
HR department

Working with people is difficult, and even more difficult is to assemble a team of people who think in the same direction and maintain a favorable environment in the team.

Hr will prepare a clearly not an easy task.
Top management

On the shoulders of these people lies a great responsibility. And every employee at least once, but thought that if he were a top manager, he would definitely have done differently. Here it is, this opportunity to prove yourself as a leader.

Do you know your company details as accurately as your lawyers? Will you find a mistake in the contract with the client? Do you also know our legislation well? We think the assignment from lawyers will make you nervous :)

What is the feature?

Stage options can be completely different, it all depends on the creativity of the departments, because it is they who come up with the essence of the task, and we help in their implementation.

Completion of the team building

At the end of the team building, all teams will gather at the starting location, where we will sum up the results of the team building and award the winning team.

Also, all participants will be asked to leave their emotions, wishes, gratitude to colleagues on the wall with office stickers. Such boards can be made personally addressed to each department or one general, which will decorate the office of the company after the event.

Evening program

  • Presenter
  • DJ
  • Cover band
  • Technofan activations
  • Game "Intuition"
  • Dance flash mobs with the participation of employees

Background activities

  • "Guess who?" with photos of employees
  • Badminton
  • Giant beerpong
  • Table tennis
  • Golf tracks
  • Pinball for two
  • frisbee
  • machine
  • giant jenga

Game "Intuition"

Prior to the event, employees will be asked to send the manager an interesting fact from their lives that none of their colleagues know about. We will form teams among those who responded.

The guests have to guess which fact applies to one or another of their colleagues. The sum of the correct answers will determine the winner, who will receive a symbolic gift.
Summer team building
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