KITCHEN EVENT corporate concept in Poland

Pet Friendly Party

For many companies, dog friendly offices have become commonplace, and we offer to organize a corporate party not only for you but also for your four-legged friends.
We invite guests with our four-legged +1, and if you do not have a pet, you can choose accessories with ears or a tail to fit into the theme ;)
Master classes, activation zones, competitions, and, of course, delicious food will be organized for pets and their owners.

At the event, the company's employees will be able to get to know each other even closer and get to know their colleagues from the other side. In addition, Pet Friendly Party will definitely become the cutest event.


  • The event takes place on a street platform with awnings or in an institution with a veranda and the opportunity to go inside with pets.
  • For pets, play zones of activations will operate.
  • A groomer works at the event, who will create New Year's images for pets.
  • There are 2 zones with food courts: for animals and their owners.

Event program

  • Food tasting with a selection of the best
  • Activation zones for animals and their owners
  • Contests
  • Consultations from a veterinarian and dog handler


A lot of lights, bright Christmas trees and snow will add atmosphere to the event.
New Year's
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