KITCHEN EVENT corporate concept in Poland

The ice is melting between us

No problems will find you here, only... in this world. Time will freeze at this moment...
Do you recognize these lines? We chose them for a reason, because today the ice will melt from the fire. The fire that is in the employees of your company. And in order for the ice to melt, matches are not needed, your general energy, your mood is needed.

Today you will light this evening with your love! And for a long time it will be heard that the corporate party was fiery and not a single ice could withstand such pressure.

We offer to support the theme of the evening and choose your outfits in fire and ice themes.
Fire or ice - what will you choose?

Guests enter the hall along the ice path.
Guests are greeted by hostesses in the images of fire and ice, they are noted in the lists.
They offer to drink a fire shot from ice piles.

1) The program opens with a dance show that reflects the icy theme of the evening.
2) Cryo-show with nitrogen.
3) Acrobatic show of a couple on canvases.
4) Fire show.
5) Breaking a block of ice with the company logo.
6) Cover band performance

During the event there will be activities such as:
  • ice bar
  • ice jenga
  • Make-up area with glitter tattoo and glitter
  • casino zone
  • VR
  • air hockey

The decor of the event used a large number of mirror surfaces, silvery shades, artificial snow in the hall, the hall is flooded with blue light.
There will be iceware and blocks of ice.
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