Corporate events in Poland

Summer corporate party of BNB-Bank, 2023 (video)

Burning BNB is an event about creativity and self-expression of employees.
If you are faced with the question of how to involve the team as much as possible, invite everyone to prepare vivid images.
Burning BNB guests expressed all their creativity in outfits that they themselves evaluated during the event. And there was a prize for the best image. The fight was bright, stylish and with fire. How else, with such an event theme? :)
During the event, the guests participated in thematic team building with unusual areas. For example, it was necessary:

  • to paint over a picture with a paintball gun,
  • to draw an art object with glasses that turn everything upside down,
  • to make a fire with the help of improvised means except for matches and a lighter.
The bright end of the team building was the launch of colored smoke, as well as the construction of a burner.
Guests of the corporate party could express their creativity at the activation zones:

  • Master class on weaving wreaths
  • face painting
  • Flash tattoo
  • Graffiti on a car (this area has become a real photo zone for everyone)
The evening program was presented by:

  • Melodyne Music Show
  • Incendiary performance by a cover band
  • Fire show and fireworks at the end of the evening.
Despite the frequent rains on the day of the event, not a single drop could prevent this fire, because the energy of the team is what creates fire in your hearts.
Number of guests: 550+
Location: Park of active recreation "Yakutskiye Gory" near Minsk.
Summer Team building Video