Corporate events in Poland

New Year's Corporate Party in Warsaw, Tango Me, 2023

The New Year's corporate retreat in the style of 'Kalyady Fest' became a real celebration for the company's employees.
Upon arrival, guests were greeted by animators in national costumes, with songs and dances.

The whole day was filled with various activity zones and workshops. Guests were given Christmas checklists, and the first three people who completed all 10 zones received prizes. The tasks were festive: guests decorated gingerbread cookies, dressed the Christmas tree, and even watched 'Home Alone'. The host coordinated and entertained guests, conducted fun contests, and maintained the festive atmosphere.

At the end of the evening, there was a ceremonial awarding of the company's employees for the past year. Deserving winners not only received recognition but also symbolic gifts specially created for this event.

The evening concluded with a lively performance by a cover band playing popular New Year and festive hits. The Kalyady-style show added a special mood to the festive atmosphere, ending the evening with bright memories and positive emotions for all participants.

Date: December 2023"
New Year