Corporate events in Poland

New Year corporate party of Severex in Lublin, 2023 (video)

On the first day, the guests were expected to check into the hotel and the conference to sum up the results, which took place in the evening in the conference hall of the complex.

On the second day, the guests went on an excursion to Lublin, where they were able to visit
Chapel of the Holy Trinity, Lublin Castle, Cathedral of Saints John the Baptist and John the Evangelist, the Dominican Monastery and just stroll through the old streets of Lublin.

The evening part of the corporate party was a classic New Year's corporate party with the program "Intuition", where the heroes of the game were the company's employees themselves.

Thanks to the game, colleagues learned interesting and new facts about each other, and also just had fun.

During the break, guests could enjoy signature cocktails, smoke a hookah, play Beer Pong and take memorable pictures.

The musical part of the evening was adorned with a live performance by a cover band.
The next day the guests went to Belarus.

Date: January 6-8, 2023
Location: Dwor Bogucin Hotel& Restauracja, Lublin
Number of guests: 70 people
New Year Video