Corporate events in Poland

The New Year's corporate party in Warsaw. Senla Poland, 2023 (video)

The New Year's corporate party was a bright and unique event, filled with joy and creativity.
A special moment was the workshop on painting with coffee and wine, where participants could express their creative potential while enjoying the process. Guests painted their goals they want to achieve in the next year and their dreams. This activity not only gave the evening an original touch but also became a source of inspiration and pleasure for everyone present.

Guests also participated in an engaging game of 'People Bingo'. The host read out interesting and funny facts, and participants had to cross out a square if it was about them. Like in traditional bingo, the first person to complete a line of crossed-out squares vertically, horizontally, or diagonally wins. People Bingo is an entertainment that allows you to learn more about the people you work with.

Additionally, wooden games served as background activities.

As a result, the corporate party left vivid memories and strengthened the team spirit of the employees in anticipation of the New Year holidays.

Date: December 22, 2023
Location: company office, Warsaw
Number of guests: 45 people
New Year Video