KITCHEN EVENT corporate concept in Poland

Corporate radio

Corporate radio is a great opportunity to congratulate colleagues on the holiday live.
Employees from anywhere will be able to turn on the radio and broadcast it at their workplace, call the studio to the presenter, leave comments on the air of the radio. And also order your favorite tracks that will cheer them up on a holiday
The organization of corporate radio is an opportunity:

  • increase employee loyalty to the company;
  • raise the level of communication within the team;
  • increase team spirit;
  • identify the interests of employees

How is the broadcast going?

At the appointed time, the radio broadcast starts, where the presenter leads the festive program. He welcomes all connected, announces the broadcast program.
What will the radio broadcast include:

  • communication with invited guests (company employees)
  • desk-orders for employees
  • interactive with guests in the studio (the list of participants is agreed in advance)
  • communication with employees in social networks
  • congratulations to employees
What can you communicate with guests in the studio?

  • about the history of the company;
  • its employees;
  • about interesting facts from the life of employees;
  • you can congratulate employees on the holiday;
  • conduct interactive activities with the presentation of gifts.
In addition, in order to compile the initial track listing, a Google form will be distributed among the company's employees, where they can leave the names of their favorite tracks in advance.

And during the broadcast, the presenter will read comments and congratulations from employees from different offices / stores / cities.
Where can the broadcast be broadcast from?

  • a special studio with professional equipment in it, which is rented and where guests are invited
  • company office with a separate office (this option is the most comfortable, since guests do not need to interrupt their work for a long time to take part in the broadcast)
Broadcast equipment includes:

  • microphones
  • Mixer
  • switching;
  • the work of those specialist;
  • laptops.
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