KITCHEN EVENT corporate concept in Poland


A culinary master class that will appeal to even those who do not like to cook, because everything ingenious is simple, but also beautiful :)
Under the guidance of the chef, the participants of the event will prepare lunch like from a Pinterest picture.
For the dish, the simplest and most affordable products will be selected (the list of necessary products is sent to the participants in advance).

During the culinary master class, the chef will share life hacks on how to turn ordinary dishes into something gourmet with just a few ingredients, what combinations will delight the participants with their taste, we will answer questions from the field of cooking and proper nutrition.
At the end of the event, participants will share their work, and will also be able to post the resulting culinary masterpieces online under the corporate hashtag.
Especially for the company, the chef can develop a signature dish. Corporate dish of the company, who else has this? :)