KITCHEN EVENT corporate concept in Poland

Comic story

During the work, each company has accumulated a lot of interesting stories. They definitely need to be fixed. We suggest doing it in the form of a comic!


Participants will be asked to create comics on a free topic or pre-agreed. These can be general topics that we will randomly distribute among the teams so that they can make the first sketches.

Participants draw on a special platform where several people can edit the file at once.
The peculiarity of this activity is that after a certain time (for example, 10 minutes). Participants are mixed up and united by new teams. Their task is to continue the creation of the comic story that their colleagues have begun to do.

Outcome of the event

Several comics will be created, which we will design and upload to the general chat of the event for reading.

If you wish, you can view some comics so that the participants share their emotions from joint creativity. And they could also remember interesting stories that happened to them during their work in the company.

Photos and videos during the event are welcome and may deserve a separate gift.