Corporate events in Poland

HQSoftware corporate event, 2023

When clients choose a team building site with a rope town, sports grounds, etc., questions often arise about how to style the event according to the company's format, provide a bright show and a fun holiday.
These questions were helped by our agency for the HQSoftware company.

The event program included:

  • decor in the theme "Total Recall",
  • background activities
  • lounge areas with hookahs,
  • team awards,
  • cover band performance
  • songs by the fire with a guitar with a vocalist.
From Customer Review
(Ekaterina Rovskaya, Office Manager at HQSoftware)
Despite the fact that our event actually had 2 organizers, the agency managed to reach an agreement with the site (and this is not an easy task 😄), and the event was held at its best.

We were pleased with all the design solutions that helped bring our concept to life.

We are very pleased with the organization, its level and quality! We thank the Kitchen Event agency and will be happy to cooperate again 💯
Summer Team building