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Summer corporate party and presentation of VERO rebranding, 2022

Every year, the VERO team goes on vacation at the same time, this is always preceded by a summer corporate party.
We were given the task of conducting team building, but in an easy game form. In addition, it was necessary to take the new image of the company as the basis for team building, as it was waiting for a radical rebranding.

This is how the "VERO Universe" concept appeared, during which the guests learned about the new image of the company and could prove themselves in various directions, showing their courage, speed, wisdom and creativity.

The evening program was complemented by games from famous YouTube shows. The end of the evening was karaoke and gatherings around the fire.

Venue: farmstead "Bread and Soul"
Date: July 21-22, 2022.
Number of guests: 26 people.
Summer Team building
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