Corporate events in Poland

New Year's Corporate Party in Warsaw, Softteco 2023

The New Year's corporate party was bright and unforgettable. Inspired by the concept of James Bond Casino Royal, the evening was imbued with elegance and excitement.
The start of the evening was truly thrilling, with a tele-bridge connecting us with colleagues from other countries, where New Year's corporate parties were also taking place.

As part of this virtual bridge, an iPhone 15 Pro was raffled, and a young man from Poland was the lucky winner.

Then, the guests were divided into four teams to start an exciting quiz.

The first part was about the company and its employees, revealing amazing facts and stories.

The second part was dedicated to the "James Bond" universe, adding an atmosphere of intrigue and spy thrill to the evening.

Next in the program was "People Bingo", based on the popular worldwide lottery. Thanks to this game, guests learned much more about their colleagues.

Equally exciting was the game "Guess What", which elicited enthusiastic responses from all attendees.

The evening concluded with a disco featuring the most famous hits, ending this magical evening with bright impressions and a positive mood.
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