Corporate events in Poland

Family day of BNB-Bank, 2022

Family day in the theme "Chemical laboratory" for BNB-Bank.
The Chemistry Laboratory of the MythBusters operated at the event, where the professor’s interns conducted chemical experiments: they made slimes, elephant toothpaste, inflated balloons with soda, made a lava lamp and conducted other experiments, of course, with the participation of young destroyers.

The animation program included: a chemical show from Professor Glucose, a soap bubble show, and a Tik Tok vs. YouTube show.

The host held contests, a flash mob and a Kahoot game, where the winners received gifts.

During the event, there were activation zones: a master class on making lollipops, magic pens, piñatas.

The event ended with the creation of a flask of wishes and the spectacular appearance of a sweet surprise.

Anything was possible that day!

Event date: September 18, 2022.
Location: Minsk, Bar-court M11.
Number of participants: 460 people.
Family Day