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Master class by stylist Vlad Lisovets for Zarina. Minsk, 2023

In honor of the birthday of the Zarina brand and the launch of the ZRN MAN men's line, a master class was organized by the famous stylist, TV and radio host, Vlad Lisovets.
In record time, a whole range of tasks was implemented:

  • work with bloggers and opinion leaders in the context of event promotion;
  • development and coordination of the decor of the event;
  • coordination of the event;
  • selection and communication with contractors;
  • implementation of the artist's household rider;
  • script writing, event timings
The result was a stylish, cool event, during which Vlad not only spoke about the trends in the fashion world, but also inspired new achievements.
Location: Galleria shopping center, Zarina store
Date: 25 May 2023
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